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Events should be submitted no less than six weeks before they begin, and submissions should include a vender application as well.

Submissions sent in may or may not be posted on this calendar depending upon my time, my mood, the odd quirks in the server and for just about any other reason under the sun.

If you wish to yell at me for not having an event listed, a problem with an event listing, etc., the fee is $75 per hour, three hours minimum, payable in advance.

Pow Wow Results

From the San Manuel Pow Wow, October 2nd – 4th, 1998

[editor note: This is from a hand written listing – I apologize ahead of time for any spelling errors]

Golden Age Category

Golden Age Men 50+
1st – Norman Largo
2nd – Bob Red Elk
3rd – Henry Allen
4th – Saginaw Grant
5th – Badger Wahwasuck
6th – Del Big Medicine
7th – Joe Wilson

Golden Age Women 50+
1st – Priscilla Schrock
2nd – Nita Track
3rd – Edith Yazzie
4th – Maggie Blackkettle
5th – Norma Anguoe Hess
6th – Marge Estrada
7th – Arlene Red Elk

Men's Categories

Northern Traditional
1st – Terry Fiddler
2nd – Nathan Largo
3rd – Steve Hunt
4th – Peter Red Bird
5th – Darryl Growing Thunder
6th – Sylvan Beautiful Baldeagle
7th – Trilby Wahwasuck

Grass Dance
1st – Terrance Goodwill
2nd – Darrell Goodwill
3rd – Johney Begay
4th – Ivan Lone Child
5th – Brandon Daniels
6th – Greg Wahwasuck
7th – John Murie

Southern Straight
1st – Dennis Alley Jr.
2nd – Sean Spicer
3rd – Wahkeen Hamilton
4th – Gary Begay
5th – Calvin Yazzie
6th – Dewayne Tofpi
7th – Daron Ahhaitty

Fancy Dance
1st – Stan Whiteman
2nd – Sheldon Johnson
3rd – Sam Butcher
4th – Craig First Rider
5th – Charles Haungooah
6th – Rick Yazzie
7th – Walter Ahhaitty

Women’s Categories

Buckskin Dress
1st – Joanne Goodeagle
2nd – Emma George
3rd – Dustina E. Abrahamson
4th – Karen Wahwasuck
5th – Shannon Ahhaitty
6th – Esther Cadman
7th – Virgie Tsosie

Cloth Dress
1st – Shannon Begay
2nd – Tina Largo
3rd – Wanda Nelson
4th – Lauretta Spotted Eagle
5th – Alicia Yazzie
6th – Tracey Watchman
7th – Stefanie Campos

Jingle Dress
1st – Auroilia Begay
2nd – Jennifer Young Bear
3rd – Melodie Young Man
4th – Tirzah Camacho
5th – Gina Red House
6th – Harriet Newman
7th – Disa Tootoosis

Fancy Shawl
1st – Patty Young Running Crane
2nd – Michelle Lone Child
3rd – Rose Track
4th – Theresa Jim
5th – Josette Wahwasuck
6th – Jetta Wood
7th – Susanne A Young Man

Teen Boys Categories

Northern Traditional
1st – Leland Red Eagle
2nd – Lyle Nelson
3rd – Tigger Nelson
4th – Lance Yazzie
5th – Andrew Tewawina

Southern Straight
1st – Lewis Perkins
2nd – Joe Perdiguerra
3rd – Charlie Camacho
4th – Silas Perkins

Grass Dance
1st – Brandon Tiger
2nd – Walder Tewawina
3rd – Robert Tewawina
4th – Des Whiteman
5th – Denny Stanley Jr.

Fancy Dance
1st – Lydall Yazzie
2nd – Kevin Yazzie
3rd – Shane Zotigh
4th – Steven Little Bird
5th – Jamie Ward

Teen Girls Categories

Buckskin Dress
1st – Jacinta Tsosie
2nd – Buffy Simmon
3rd – Angela Looking Glass

Cloth Dress
1st – Shelah Panjwani
2nd – Alva Fiddler
3rd – Jinalice Perkins
4th – Celia Red Bird

Jingle Dress
1st – Tahnee Williams
2nd – Willow Abrahamson
3rd – Janell Coochise
4th – Ursula Kahuho
5th – Kendra Red Horse

Fancy Shawl
1st – Sophia Tsosie
2nd – Shamaray Yazzie
3rd – Amanda Ramos
4th – Urseloria Kahuho
5th – Shaa-notch Billie

Juniors – Boys Categories

Northern Traditional / Southern Straight
1st – Ryan Nelson
2nd – Wilfred Tewawina
3rd – Jack Growing Thunder
4th – Corey Nelson
5th – Colby Track

Grass Dance
1st – Nolan Nelson
2nd – Gene Webster Jr.
3rd – Craig Nelson
4th – Trae Little Sky
5th – Mason McGurk

Fancy Dance
1st – Stanley Whiteman
2nd – Nathan Logan

Juniors – Girls Categories

Buckskin / Cloth Dress
1st – Celeste McGurk
2nd – Utania Nelson
3rd – T’Shon Tsosie
4th – Raetava Yazzie
5th – Jamie Yazzie

Jingle Dress
1st – Rashonda Bullchild
2nd – Shalane Nelson
3rd – Elizabeth George
4th – Deannette White
5th – Yanabah Red House

Fancy Shawl
1st – Denelle Stanley
2nd – Crystalena Pacheco
3rd – Desiree Red House
4th – Verlina Whiteman
5th – Nikki Kanuho

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