Tiswin (Traditional Pueblo Corn Drink)

      Title: Tiswin (Traditional Pueblo Corn Drink)
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      5 lbs dried white corn
      2 gallons water
      1 1/2 c brown sugar
      2 dried orange peels
      3 cinnamon sticks
      1 t ground cloves  
         Oven-roast corn at 300 degrees until light brown, stirring frequently.  Grind
 coarsely in food chopper or in small quantities in blender.  Wash (using several 
 rinses, clean water each time), and discard hulls. 
 Put in crock and stir in water and other ingredients.  Cover and let sit in a barely
 warm place for five or six days or until fermented.  Strain through cheesecloth
 and serve.  

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