Squash Blossom Stew

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      Title: Squash Blossom Stew
 Categories: Native, Pixel
  Serves: 4-6
      5     lg squash blossoms                   3    summer squash, cubed
      1 c  sliced green beans               1 1/2 lb. lamb or beef, cubed small
      3    ears fresh corn                           3    spring onions with tops
      1    clove garlic, mashed                   2 t  salt
    1/2 t oregano (or 3 mint leaves)           8 c  water                       
         Boil meat until tender, remove from stock.  Cut corn from cob, chop spring
  onions and add all vegetables to stock and simmer until tender.  Add meat,
  seasonings, and squash blossoms; simmer 15 minutes.  

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