Pumpkin Soup

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      Title: Pumpkin Soup
 Categories: Ethnic, Native, Native amer, Soups, Pixel
      Yield: 4 servings
    1/2    Small pumpkin                       3 T  Butter
      1 ts Salt                                3 c  Hot milk
      2 qt Water                               1 T  Brown sugar
    1/4 ts White pepper                             Hot pepper sauce
  Cut pumpkin into chunks and remove seeds and fiber.  Pare off any bumpy
  outer skin.  Cook in water until tender.  Drain; put through sieve.
  In soup pot, combine 2 c. pumpkin puree with butter, sugar, and
  seasonings.  Stir with wooden spoon over low heat for three minutes.  Add
  milk, one cup at a time.  When well blended, stir to heat through.  Serve
  with toasted bread cubes.  Tabasco sauce will add zip.  Serves 4.

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