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History: Reenacting

(.)Revolutionary Wars
This site has a list of groups who are reenacting the Revolutionary War and much more!

Native American Links

(.)OCB Tracker Newspaper
The OCB Tracker is Southern California's largest Native American newspaper. With information on where to find the local powwows to articles on American history or current Native news, it's a wonderful resource - and I'm a staff writer! Take a look, it's well worth it, and doesn't cost anything online (although subscriptions to the print form are available).

(.)Indigenous Peoples' Literature
A collection of Native American and other literature. Well-kept; quite a few topics. Well worth the time spent.

(.)The Village of First Nations
A rather large page, with an extensive collection of Native links. They also act as an online newspaper, a calendar of events, and are working towards more.

(.)A List of Native Web Pages from St. FXU
Just what it says. A HUGE listing of Native links. Mainly Canadian or Mi'kmaq, but there are others as well.

(.)Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
An amazing list! Cultural, historical, educational,'ll find it all, or most of it, here. Even job notices for Natives!

Food and Cooking

(.)The Vegetarian Pages
The Vegetarian Pages are full of some wonderful foodstuffs - most of it without meat and/or dairy products. A great way of getting some fantastic (and good for you) recipes!

Pagan Links

(.)The Ancient Keltic Church
I'm a student of the Roebuck Tradition, which is what the Ancient Keltic Church practices. This site explains a lot about our deities, our basic practices, and has info on upcoming events and suggested reading. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Celtic belief!

(.)Church Of All Worlds
The Church Of All Worlds is an inter-denominational, inter-religious organization dedicated to many different wonderful pursuits. Its name comes from a Robert Heinlein story. Check it out; never thirst!

(.)Llewellyn Books
A publishing company with books dealing with spiritual topics ranging all over the spectrum, including neo-pagan, astrology, tarot, self-help, and more!

Environmental Issues

(.)North American Wolf Association
A wonderful group dedicated to the reintroduction and preservation of wolves. Their belief is based on "preservation through education". A beautiful site; do visit it!


(.)OCB Trading Post
OCB Trading Post is a full Native American store in Glendora, CA, dealing with everything from music to jewelry to craft supplies. They are also the sponsor of the OCB Tracker newspaper (see above). Check it out!

Beanie is... well, Beanie just is. Beanie is one of those things that cannot be described, it must be experienced. Experience Beanie. Feel Beanie. Be Beanie.

(.)The Dilbert Zone
Are you a Dilbert fan? Do you get Dilbert in your local newspaper? Well, even if you do, this site's for you! Comics, stuff, and more.


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