Juniper Lamb Stew

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      Title: Juniper Lamb Stew
 Categories: Native, Pixel
  Serves: 4    
      2 lbs. lean lamb, cubed small           6     ears fresh corn
      6   spring onions with tops,              3     sweet green peppers, chopped
           chopped                                    1 tb flour
      2 tb lard or cooking oil                     2 t  dried wild celery (1/3 chopped
1 1/2 t  salt                                                celery tops can be substituted)                             
      5 dried juniper berries, crushed        2 t  chile powder  
      4 c  water

         Mix seasonings and flour to coat meat and brown in hot lard or oil in  
  heavy kettle.  Cut corn from cobs and add with other ingredients and water
  to meat.  Cover and simmer for one hour or until meat is tender.

  Formatted for Meal Master by Lori Fuller

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