Hopi Corn Stew

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      Title: Hopi Corn Stew
 Categories: Native, Pixel
      1 c  ground goat meat (or beef)            2 c  green corn, cut from cobs
      1 sm sweet green pepper, chopped      1 c  summer squash, cubed
      1 tb  whole wheat flour
             Salt (to taste)                             
         Fry meat in a little fat (shortening or cooking oil) until brown.  Add
  rest of ingredients (except flour) and cover with water.  Simmer until vegetables
  are almost tender.  Stir 2 tb cooking water with 1 tb whole wheat flour, return 
  to cook pot, simmer five more minutes while stirring.  Add blue corn meal
  dumplings if desired (recipe also on this website).

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