Gila River Fry Bread

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      Title: Gila River Fry Bread
 Categories: Ethnic, Breads, Native, Native amer, Pixel
      Yield: 6 breads
  2 1/4 c  Flour                             3/4 c  Warm water (or a little less
      3 T  Solid vegetable shortening          1 ts Salt
      2 ts Baking powder                            Fat or oil for frying
  Mix flour, baking powder and salt.  Cut in 1 T. of shortening.  Melt and
  cool remaining 2 T of shortening and set aside.  Add just enough water to
  flour mixture so dough holds together and can be handled easily.  Knead on
  a lightly floured board until smooth (30 seconds), adding only enough
  flour to work dough.
  Form dough into smooth 2-inch balls.  Brush each ball with cooled
  shortening and let stand 45 minutes.  On a lightly floured surface, with
  the heel of your hand, flatten each ball out into a round circle about 6
  inches in diameter.
  In a deep skillet or deep fryer, heat fat to 360 degrees.  Ease dough into
  deep fat.  Dough will bob to surface.  Cook until dough is a light brown
  (45-60 seconds).  Turn and cook other side (45-60 seconds).  Remove from
  fat immediately and drain on paper towels.  Makes 6 individual breads.
  Fry bread should never be made in advance.  The only way to enjoy it is
  sizzling hot from the skillet.  We like to drizzle its crusty golden skin
  with honey or dust it with powdered sugar; great for breakfast or addition
  to soup or a stew meal.

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