Blue Corn Dumplings

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      Title: Blue Corn Dumplings
 Categories: Native, Pixel
      1 c  harinilla (blue corn meal ground to flour)
      2 t  baking powder                        
      1 t  bacon drippings, lard, or other shortening
   1/3 to 1/2 c milk  
      1 t  salt                
        Mix (or sift) dry ingredients thoroughly, cut in fat and add enough milk to 
  make drop batter.  Drop by spoonfuls on top of the stew of your choice (I 
  recommend the Hopi Corn Stew, also on this site).   
  Cover cooking pot and steam dumplings 15 minutes before lifting cover.  Stew
  should be kept bubbling.  Serves 4-6.

  Formatted for Meal Master by Lori Fuller

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