Blackfeet Tales

The Blackfeet, sometimes called the Blackfoot, are one of the largest Algonquian tribes and one of the most powerful on the northwest Plains region. They are called "Siksikawa" (pronounced "sick-sick-uh"), which literally means "black foot". There are two beliefs on how the name came to be; the first refers to the blackening of their moccasins by walking near prarie fires, and the second refers to the black painting on some of their people's moccasins long ago.

The Blackfeet are made up of three tribes; the Siksika, the Blood, and the Piikani (whose name was later corrupted to Piegan). The Piikani are mainly based in Montana now, while the other two tribes are in the Alberta area of Canada.

One of the main figures in a lot of the Blackfeet legends is Napi, or Old Man. Napi serves two purposes; he is revered, and is the one that many people pray to, and he is also a trickster of sorts. In some of the legends, he is downright dangerous, and rightly so! He is supposed to be the son of the Sun and the Moon, and in some stories, is also one of the people who brought the Sun Dance to the people.

But now, on to the legends...

Chief Mountain

Old Man and the Beginning of the World

Old Man and Old Woman

Old Man and the Squirrels

The Sacred Buffalo Stone

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