Apache Acorn Soup

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      Title: Apache Acorn Soup
 Categories: Native, Native amer, Southwest, Soups, Pixel
      Yield: 1 
      3 lb Stew beef                           2 qt Water
      1 ts Pepper                              1 ts Salt
      1 c  Ground acorn meal              
  Cover beef with water and bring to boil in a heavy pot.  Simmer until
  done; add salt and pepper as meat cooks tender.  Remove beef and chop on a
  flat stone until split in shreds.  The meat broth continues to cook
  vigorously while meat and acorn flour (meal) are mixed together.  Apaches
  stress that their food is always well done; no instant cooking.  Broth,
  meat and meal simmer together until the broth bubbles creamy white with
  yellow flecks, pleasantly acorn scented and flavored.
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