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Events should be submitted no less than six weeks before they begin, and submissions should include a vender application as well.

Submissions sent in may or may not be posted on this calendar depending upon my time, my mood, the odd quirks in the server and for just about any other reason under the sun.

If you wish to yell at me for not having an event listed, a problem with an event listing, etc., the fee is $75 per hour, three hours minimum, payable in advance.

California Powwow Listings

None of the events listed are run by us, and all information is of an advisory nature. Call ahead if you plan on attending any of these events to ensure that they will still be taking place. Please be aware that California is changing area codes on a very regular basis, and we do not screen these numbers for such changes. If you find any numbers to be in error, please contact us immediately so that we may correct the bad information.
More California Powwows
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04/21/2001 - 04/22/2001
The Cerritos College Native American Indian Club
Honoring Mother Earth Pow Wow
11110 Alondra Blvd. Norwalk, Calif.
Soccer Field
Host Drum Crooked Hat singers
Host Northern Standing Brave
Eagle Staff Carrier Saginaw Grant
Head Man Robert Roberts
Head Woman Nellie LeGaspe
Head young Man Daniel Wichita
Head young woman Jessica Calderon
For Vendor Info call Mary 562.423.6729
$125.00 for all sizes

04/20/2001 - 04/21/2001
16th Annual Inter-tribal Pagent and Powwow
Sherman Indian High School, 9010 Magnolia Ave
Riverside, CA
(909) 276-6009 x 339
Pagent Friday April 20th, 6pm - 9pm @ auditorium, Pwoww
Saturday April 21st, 11am - 11pm @ Ira Hayes Stadium

04/20/2001 - 04/21/2001
14th Annual Mills College Powwow
Mills College
Oakland, CA
(510) 522-4319 or (510) 430-3154

04/21/2001 - 04/21/2001
Sierra College Pow Wow
Sierra College
Rocklin, CA
Info: (916) 441-1095

04/22/2001 - 04/22/2001
Chumash Day Gathering - Cherish the Earth
Bluffs Park
Malibu, CA
Info: (310) 457-3006

04/22/2001 - 04/22/2001
Chumash Day Gathering
"Cherish the Earth"
Bluffs Park
Malibu, CA
Info: (310) 457-3006
Carlos Reynosa will be appearing

04/21/2001 - 04/22/2001
Sixth Annual California Choctaw Gathering
Bakersfield, California.
A celebration of Choctaw traditions, open to all Choctaw people.
Contact: e-mail oklachahta@igalaxy.net

04/21/2001 - 04/22/2001
11th Annual Humbolt State University Powwow
West Gym
Arcata, CA
(707) 826-4994

04/22/2001 - 04/22/2001
Left-Click and Save the Flyer to your hard drive
El Camino College Intertribal Pow Wow
El Camino College, 16007 Crenshaw Blvd
Torrance, CA
Linda (310) 710-5194
Free Admission, $2 parking for non-students. Dancers,
singers, drums, arts and crafts vendor booths, food.
Prizes for dancers, door prizes Hours: 10am - 7pm - Near the intersection of Redondo Beach Blvd and Crenshaw Blvd.

04/22/2001 - 04/22/2001
Modesto Junior College/Red Nation Third Annual Pow Wow
Quad Area MJC East Campus, 435 College Ave
Modesto, CA
(209) 575-6255
All drums welcome, event will begin at 10am till 7pm, grand
entry 12noon, free to the public

04/28/2001 - 04/28/2001
6th Annual Columbia College Powwow - Restoring the Spirit
Columbia College
Sonora, CA
Info: (209) 588-5111

04/28/2001 - 04/28/2001
17th Annual UC Berkeley Powwow
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Info: (510) 642-6613

More California Powwows
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04/28/2001 - 04/29/2001
9th Annual Big Time - Ohlone Gathering and Powwow
Chino Fairgrounds, 5419 Edison Ave *Note New Location*
Chino, CA
(909) 875-7869
MC Orville Little Owl, Hours Sat 11am - 9pm, Sun 10am - 6pm

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